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Build your digital library for education and life.

We are your premier source to collect, connect, and collaborate.


Create your digital library; gather, upload, and add your knowledge and interests to customized shelves.


Link-up with your peers; learn and impart new information with people across many information platforms.


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Passionate about lifelong learning, we created TheHubEDU.
A freemium platform providing a simple, social way for users to manage, share, discover, and maintain meaningful information and personal knowledge. We are a knowledge hub: your social and smart content management solution for learners across the globe.


"But I must say, technology has enhanced my learning experience better. Just by simply posting in a non-bland academic type online discussion forum, I already feel more engaged in learning via this new TheHubEdu network."


"TheHubEdu is completely intuitive; this is great for me to organize all of my articles and research for my classes"

Jordan Kneiff Student

"Can we still have access to this after the course... I may need this in the future."


"I loved the videos that Prof Reiss posted on TheHub. It made the topics relevant."



Meet the people behind the passion.
Creative lifelong learners who, like you, believe that learning should be smart and social!

Chris Airola Co-Founder & COO

Chris is a career entrepreneur who can bring an idea from the whiteboard to full production and release. Chris was most recently the Director of Product at Panopto. He initialized a project for Red Llama, a surgical simulation company he co-founded, which became the company’s main focus. Over the course of his career, he co-founded and served as CTO of Static Factory Media LLC and managed several projects for the UW Human Interface Tech Lab.

Brian Alford Co-Founder, CCO

Brian brings a wealth of online education experience from both the student and content perspectives and the creative energy to create exciting new opportunities for information sharing. On his way to The HubEDU, Brian enjoyed five years managing a forward-thinking faculty technology support department at Bastyr University in Washington State and assisted with implementing online course offerings and LMS adoption.

Tiffany Reiss Co-Founder & CEO

Over 13 years in higher education as a professor, scholar, leader and administrator. PhD from Virginia Tech Department of Curriculum and Instruction.

Jim Blalock CTO

Over 15 years of software engineering experience and leadership in enterprise e-Commerce, Meta Search Engines, Auction sites, Classifieds, Web Portals, Yellow Pages, White Pages, Local Search, and Travel web sites.

Tiffany Clark Brumley Marketing & Social Media

Demonstrated achiever with exceptional knowledge in marketing communications, copywriting, technical writing, copyediting, and customer support. A very versatile, enthusiastic professional, driven to be a successful team-player. Encompasses a positive attitude, an excellent work ethic, and highly skilled at learning new concepts quickly. Works well under pressure, in a timely manner, and communicate ideas clearly and effectively.