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  • Role: Student
  • Organization: University of Arizona
  • Position: Grad in MENA and Journalism

Jennifer Hijazi jhijazi Grad in MENA and Journalism University of Arizona

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Journalism Info.

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Everything Journalism


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Documents about convergence in journalism. Info, papers, systems.

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Call for Research Applications – Spring 2015

Item added by Alexandra McMullin

We are pleased to announce a call for applications for research fellowships to lead and oversee research in these areas. Research fellows will occupy full-time positions with the Tow Center, and di...

Solutions Journalism Network

Item added by Maria Rebecchi

Maureen Agena

Item added by Revi Sterling

The Citizen Journalist I write about Technology for Development, Gender issues especially those that focus on Women: Health, Agriculture, Education. I also put my Citizen Journalism training to wo...

Journalism code of ethics

Item added by Kathy Roulston

Rudaw careers

Item added by Alexandra McMullin

Journalism careers opportunities.

New York Times Posts Major Federal Climate Change Report Before Trump and Pruitt Can Cook the Books [Updated]

Item added by Michael Finch

Glad that we have journalism to keep the truth out there.

Joe Rogan on GamerGate

Item added by Javad Bakhshinejad

GamerGate is conundrum that happened several years back. This included paid off journalism and sexism in video games.

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Go Into The Story - Filmmaking blog

Item added by Brian Alford

Documentary and Collaboration

Item added by Scott Macklin

Coffman, Elizabeth (2009) Documentary and Collaboration: Placing the Camera in the Community. Journal of Film and Video 61(1) pp. 62-78

Medieval helpdesk

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TEDx Seattle Convening Community through Story

Item added by Scott Macklin

Convening Community through Stories

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I found this while searching through This article is written by Natalie Burg who is a freelancer specializing in growth, entrepreneurship, and innovation.She has previous experience a...

Comment on Technology & Communication in the Workplace
posted by Jill Pena