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  • Role: professional
  • Organization: Bridges/Puentes
  • Position: Founder

Maria Rebecchi Maria Founder Bridges/Puentes Over 20 years of experience providing educational, financial and general counseling services to multi-cultural, low income, first generation students... more »Maria Rebecchi Maria Founder Bridges/Puentes Over 20 years of experience providing educational, financial and general counseling services to multi-cultural, low income, first generation students and families. Proven success in identifying, outreaching and collaborating with community partners, K-12 and higher education institutions for a wide range of projects focused on college access and success. At least fifteen years of experience in the development, implementation and evaluation of educational and financial aid programs. Extensive knowledge of federal and state financial aid resources as well as private scholarships. Broad volunteer experience ranging from supporting community health initiatives to intensive work with immigrant and refugee families in matters of education and social services to volunteer tax preparation for low income individuals. Diversity, equity, and educational opportunity have been consistent themes in much of my work. An advocate for education, social and economic justice.

  • Role: student
  • Organization: Seattle University
  • Position: Undergrad in Social Work

Krista Thomson KristaThomson Undergrad in Social Work Seattle University

  • Role: student
  • Organization: Indiana University
  • Position: Undergrad in Social Work

Amanda Reed mandayreed Undergrad in Social Work Indiana University

  • Role: faculty
  • Organization: Touro College
  • Position: Associate Professor of Social Work

Nancy Feldman nf113 Associate Professor of Social Work Touro College

  • Role: professional
  • Organization: University of Arizona
  • Position: Postdoctoral Research Associate

Sam Chambers samchamaz Postdoctoral Research Associate University of Arizona Sam Chambers is a Postdoctoral Research Associate with the Renewable Energy Network and a Junior Associate with the... more »Sam Chambers samchamaz Postdoctoral Research Associate University of Arizona Sam Chambers is a Postdoctoral Research Associate with the Renewable Energy Network and a Junior Associate with the Geospatial Collaborative at the University of Arizona. He has degrees in Arid Lands Resource Sciences from the University of Arizona and Forest Resources from Clemson University and the University of Idaho. His work includes migration modeling (human and wildlife), landscape connectivity, remote sensing, climate change, and social geography. Sam's interests focus on integrating geospatial technologies into humanitarian activities, particularly those involving infrastructure and movement.

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Motor Development Constraints

A public shelf by Juliana Di Loreto

What I have learned from watching and reading these videos and articles is that manipulating constraints such as task, environmental, structural, functional, and sociocultural all can play a major ...

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Ecological Theory in Social Work

Item added by Kiriko Anthony

I found this article to be fairly interesting. It did seem fairly basic and I would love to look into it more though. It is about the Ecology theory in motor development and a little bit about how ...

Social Work and Adverse Childhood Experiences Research

Item added by Meghan Spears

This week in class we started talking about ACES or adverse childhood experiences and how they can affect the longterm heath of individuals. This article reviews other studies done on ACES in the p...

Think Thrice

Item added by Jennifer A McGee

I found this blog on and believe this information is valid because Satsuko has had experience in 10 cicties, 6 coutries and 3 continents across the globes working to provide solutions to t...

A Proposal for a Mindfulness-Based Trauma-Prevention Program for Social Work Professionals

Item added by Brad S. Lichtenstein, ND, BCB

From the Abstract: This article explores program designed to guide health professionals in learning effective self-directed techniques to maintain equanimity in face of danger and human suffering,...

A Jobs effect on Health

Item added by Raymandeep Aujla

This article relates to what we learned in the video that was assigned for class. The video spoke about how our job that we choose can impact our overall health and wellness. This article took a d...

Balancing Stress-College students

Item added by Connor O'Neill

This week we talked all about stress; what causes it, how it affects us, and how to handle it. This article is aimed towards college students and giving tips on how to balance stress and continue t...


Item added by Sarah Rothwell

This site discusses more about being mindful which we discussed in class on Monday. Mindfulness is a scientifically proven way to lower stress levels. It can help in all aspects of life, whether it...

Ideology in Action: Symbolic Localization of Kurdistan Workers’ Party in Turkey

Item added by Alexandra McMullin

Revolutionary ideologies such as Marxism and Islamism often aim to transform dominant local structures, leading their proponents to find themselves torn between global ideologies and local politi...

▶ Living Utopia - The Anarchists and the Spanish Revolution

Item added by Brian Alford

Living Utopia is a unique documentary that blends the historical account of the origins and development of the Spanish anarchist movement, focussing on the 1936 war. A reflection on the philosophic...

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Challenges Students to Learn Coding

Item added by TheHubEDU

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that students should take more tech classes, and even saying he would hire them to work at his social media company, at a surprise visit to Redwood City’s Sequoia ...

Benefits of Physical Activity/ Fields

Item added by Eric Moreland

Benefits of Physical Activity: There are many benefits in physical activity. In class we had talked about how it can improve cardiorespiratory function. With this being improved it can help with he...

Work on

Item added by Justin Crawford

We went over social health and how we could benefit from it. When I reflected, I realized that there are plenty of areas I could improve socially. One thing I think everyone can work on is being a ...

The benefits of getting your child involved in sports

Item added by Jack Thomas

This article discusses the importance of getting your child involved ion sports at a young age. In todays tech-savy environment more and more children spend time sitting infront of screens rather ...

Goal Setting

Item added by Kaitlyn Koski

In a 2010 TED talk by Derek Sivers, he proposes something a little different than what many people do when trying to create and accomplish goals--keep them to yourself. Often, individuals choose t...

Violence & Silence: Jackson Katz, Ph.D at TEDxFiDiWomen

Item added by Melissa Ross

Jackson Katz, Phd, is an anti-sexist activist and expert on violence, media and masculinities. An author, filmmaker, educator and social theorist, Katz has worked in gender violence prevention work...

The Crucial Role of Recess in School

Item added by Madison Gilbert

In this article, it talks about how recess made children pay attention more in class and get more work done. It also talks about how recess promotes social and emotional learning as well because th...

Social and cultural factors that can influence your health

Item added by Ashlee Pangburn

In this article, it talked about social determinants of health which are conditions that we live, learn, work, and play in. These conditions can help to influence the health and well being of peopl...

Are Addiction Treatments Effective?

Item added by Sarah Joy Cundiff

This article talks about how many treatment programs utilize outdated programs rather than techniques that have been proven effective in recent studies. A recent review of addiction treatment metho...

Are Addiction Treatments Effective?

Item added by Courtney Ryan

This article talks about how many treatment programs utilize outdated programs rather than techniques that have been proven effective in recent studies. A recent review of addiction treatment metho...

(14) Effective Addiction Treatment

Item added by McKenzie Lanier

This article talks about how many treatment programs utilize outdated techniques rather than techniques that have been proven effective in recent studies. A recent review of addiction treatment met...

Sports teach Kids Lessons

Item added by Hailey Chufar

This article broadly explains that while every person that plays sports isn't going to make it to the big leagues, they are still learning great life skills through the sport. I think that in this ...

Environmental, Cultural and Social Factors That Influence Motor-Skill Development in Children

Item added by Jairo De La Cruz

In this website, they will explain the environmental, cultural, and social factors that influence motor-skill development. This will help to identify what one can work in and help their child to h...

The Promise and Perils of Technology in Education

Item added by Tiffany M Reiss, PhD

I have been thinking about this concept for a long time. Does technology really enhance the learning process? So many in technology believe it does, or will at least if used correctly (which seem...

Working to Live or Living to Work

Item added by Madison Hanson

We've watched a few videos from this authors channel. I wanted to add another video because I like the way that he structures his videos as well as the topics he discusses. This is relevant to the ...

CONSTRUCTING IDENTITIES AT THE MARGINS: Masculinities and Citizenship in the Israeli Army

Item added by Alexandra McMullin

Orna Sasson-Levy argues In Israel, as elsewhere, notions of masculinity play a significant role in shaping the institutions that structure our lives. With this background on the presence of mascul...

5 Ways "Tech Addiction" Is Changing Human Behavior

Item added by Andrea Gordon

This article describes ways tech addiction has changes our lives throughout the years since more technology has been introduced into our lives. Our addiction to our phones and not be able to put th...

Social Constraints Can Spark Creativity in Diverse Groups - Association for Psychological Science

Item added by Amy Matchell

In class we are discussing social constraints within motor development. This article describes how what some might see as a social constraint can actually benefit development of creativity. Working...

Play Doesn't End With Childhood: Why Adults Need Recess Too

Item added by TheHubEDU

This week, NPR Ed is focusing on questions about why people play and how play relates to learning. More and more research suggests that healthy playtime leads to healthy adulthood. Childhood ...

Miracle Essential Oils

Item added by Enhance and Beyond

Everything you need to know to get started using Essential Oils in your life: by Peyton Pless By now, most of us have heard of those things called essential oils. Maybe you’ve heard they’re g...

Man who used drugs for over 20 years talks about completing "New Start" program

Item added by Kelie Bryson

When looking at rehab programs for drug addictions, using a complete support system proves to work best as shown from this man's experience. When he faced drug conviction charges, the judge gave h...

Shawn Achor: The happy secret to better work | TED Talk |

Item added by Grace Hancock

This talk addresses the topic of happiness and positive psychology. While the speaker frames his talk from a mental health point of view, the topic expands into vocational health, and to an extent ...

Social expectations of gender roles need to change

Item added by Max Dellon

This week in class we are learning about gender roles and norms through two documentaries. This article discusses the need for changes in gender roles today. In particular, one example the author d...

SOIC: Human Computer Interaction Design

Item added by Jacob Brown

Human-Computer Interaction Design (HCI/d) studies and supports the design, development, and implementation of humanly usable and socially acceptable interactive devices, applications, services, and...

The Pros and Cons of Online Learning

Item added by Tiffany M Reiss, PhD

I have been teaching in university settings for over 12 years now.  I have taught F2F, hybrid and purely online courses over that period and have observed the learning process for my students and m...

Gender Inequality: It's getting even harder to be a woman

Item added by Nancy Barraza

This article talks about the inequality between male and females. As we have been talking about in class about genders, this talks more briefly about the preference of men and women in the work for...

Classroom Orchestrator Program Spurs Individualized Learning

Item added by TheHubEDU

Lightspeed Systems has debuted a new classroom management tool that helps ensure students are using their mobile devices properly during classroom time. The new tool, Classroom Orchestrator, off...

Top 10 Skills for the Successful 21st-Centruy Worker

Item added by jaehoon, lee

I found this article on website where I used it a lot for last semester in designning class. I believe that this website and atricle is a valid source because I was introduced to this...

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Mentally ill homeless in nevada

Item added by Stephen Myhal

A psychiatric hospital in Nevada removed all the homeless from there hospital. The put them on buses and put them in the streets. Stephen Myhal

Minimum wage laws hurt the homeless

Item added by Donavin Briscoe

This article explains how minimum wage laws prevent the homeless from developing a form of work history due to them not being desired workers. Furthermore, it discusses specific examples of homeles...

Struggle living on Minimum wage

Item added by Michael Daniels

The article explains how the author was getting paid the minimum wage and was struggling to survive and could not afford the average utilities.

Emergency and Homeless Shelter.

Item added by Amanda Arias

I find this article highly interesting because it talks about how the shelters for the homeless people have to be correctly equiped.

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This is relevant to what we learned in class these past two weeks because we discussed what our stressors are in life. For me, my stressors are school, work, and maintaining a social life. The arti...

Comment on Stress management
posted by Jacob Greenwood

I found this article to be relevant due to the fact it addressed behavior modification as well as the public health topic of obesity. Behavior modification is defined as "the alteration of behavio...

Comment on Behavior Modification Ideas for Weight Management
posted by Jennifer Rhodes

This blog post relates to this weeks topic about Psychological health because it talks about the four components: mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health. I like it because he provides work...

Comment on Components of Psychological Health
posted by Thalia Quintero

This article is perfect to showcase what we talked about in class last week. It explains social constraints with motor development, and how it is good to work with many different people to create a...

There are so many things on the internet and all over social media that give options for different types of diets that they claim will work. But if you begin simply by eating well and with proporti...

Comment on Fad Diets
posted by Bri Williams

Many companies have researched the affects of heavy technology on their employees and on people in general. The over use of modern technologies is having detrimental effects on the minds of young a...

This is a very interesting article. It proves that there is much more to learning about motor learning than just the series of movements. I am a physical education teacher and so many of my student...

Comment on Computational components of Motor Learning Theory
posted by Alan DeAngelis

I like how well the article described social factors and their affect on behavior and movement. I definitely agree that intrinsic motivation as well as competition can push us to work ourselves har...

Week two was talking about stress and emotion and how it impacts our life. Greatly related to mental health learning how to embrace and work through you stress is very important to live a healthy l...

Comment on The curse of social media
posted by Justin Harrer

Social influences have had a large effect on my life and mindset. I have been involved in school, athletics, church groups, scouts, and even volunteer work at various charities. These groups are al...

Comment on Social Influences
posted by Shawn Field

For some people, cross fit and other similarly grueling work out routines could be an addiction. For a lot of people though, its probably filling another psychological hole created by a lack of tig...

Comment on Why Are Americans So Fascinated With Extreme Fitness?
posted by Chloe Belisle

Great video Heidi, this really reinforces that the countless hours of social media spent by our younger adults is taking a tole on them as well as adults. So i am interested in finding out if sitti...

Comment on Sitting Disease - YouTube
posted by Lance Anders

Facial expressions, speech patterns, body language and behavioral differences are the key things to verbal communication. With all of this online dating and generally always being on social media, ...

Comment on Do online relationships work?
posted by Brenden Greenfield

I chose this article to post to my shelf because we discussed the 7 dimensions of wellness in class this week and I wanted to see what else there was to say about them. The article said that social...

Comment on 7 Dimensions of Wellness
posted by Sydney Brown

I find youth sports to be very beneficial for developing social skills, movement skills, self confidence, and instilling an active lifestyle. Those are the definite pros. However, I have witnessed ...

Comment on Pros and Cons of Youth Sports
posted by Allison Marecki

We discussed the phenomenon of social loafing in our class as a decline in individual productivity in group situations where accountability and motivation are lacking. Possible remedies included en...

Comment on Social Loafing and Group Development Stage
posted by Chloe Belisle

This week I chose an article from USA football discussing ways to motivate children in playing sports. This topic relates well to class in that we are currently discussing social and cultural cons...

Comment on 9 fun ways to motivate your child in sports
posted by Daniel Mars