Organizations are Deeply Conflicted About Data Protection

I found this article on a magazine website called Info Security.

I looked at the author's Facebook, Twitter, and profile and found her to be an active journalist with a plethora of articles on archive. Also, the website is extremely active with several daily posts. Both the website and the reporters are active in the technology community and seem up to date with the latest news in the technology field.

I learned how important security is, especially for high profile companies, those dealing with personal information, and any company handling money or credit card information. In addition, I also learned that the majority of companies are not satisfied with their level of security and constantly fear a breach in security.

I am going to apply this to my studies by researching more about security because it is something that is very interesting to me. If I specialize in security, I can become a student ambassador and help other students do sufficient research to find out if security is the right area of study for them as well.



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