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    Kurdish women

“Subjects of Change”: Feminist Geopolitics and Gendered Truth-Telling in Guatemala

"This paper explores the often-undervalued role of gender in transitional justice
mechanisms and the importance of women’s struggles and agency in that regard. "

This research by Dr. Liz Oglesby provides knowledge on how women within Guatemala used their experiences of gendered war crimes have led to an emergence of mechanisms for women to not only cope with violence of the past but combat against violence that is present in their everyday lives.
The question Oglesby is trying to answer is
"How have women’s organizations in Guatemala City used truth-telling practices to challenge the normativity of gender violence in everyday life, a violence that preceded the civil conflict, was grossly heightened and extended by it, and that persists in the present? "
This type of change is dependant on the women's survival of the conflict.
From this research we can determine that that use of truth telling of violence against women can be used as a form of protection and prevention against further violent acts.
This research also explores the use of women's movements and women's organizations as mechanisms for these 'truth-telling' projects.
From this research we can determine that the women's use of voice and narrative about their involvement in conflict led to substantial efforts to change the normaitive violence that was prevelant in everyday life.
Through this research I can assume that..
The direction taken by this research is to use the Feminist Geopolitical theory to understand how the individual bodies (defined by gender race, class) interact within social spaces in order to change the conditions in which they live. This includes the way individuals utilize their resources including state powers, familial/community ties, as well as legal institutions and non-profits.

Limits to this research in regards to my own study include that this paper argues that the sexual violence against women during warfare reflects the broader spectrum of violence perpetrated within society.
My own study will cover how women are 'doing' geopolitics as well by utilizing ther
However my own study will instead determine whether or not the involvement within armed conflict increases a woman's mobility and participation within society. My research expands upon this study by determining how Kurdish women utilize their memory of pre-armed conflict interactions within society in order to transform the current social relations they belong to.



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