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    Kurdish women

Violence Against Women in Turkey xiii

Ayşe Gül Altınay and Yeşim Arat
An acronym for Women’s Center, Kadın Merkezi in Turkish, KAMER was
established in the predominantly Kurdish province Diyarbakır in 1997 and
now has women’s centers in 23 provinces in Eastern Turkey.8 The group defines
itself as an independent feminist organization and insists on its independence
from any political group or party in the region.

This article covers the creation and impact of KAMER.
Shows how KAMER has helped with the eastern part of the country and this article shows how it quantified these impacts on 'individual womens' revolutions'.
Shows how they have empowered women and in what type of situations.
Can be used as a model for how KAMER has quantified these things.

In our sample, only 10 percent of the women in the East were engaged in an income-generating activity
(14 percent of them working at home), as opposed to 20 percent in the rest of the country. More
strikingly, the illiteracy rate among women in the East was 42 percent, as opposed to 15,5 percent in the
rest of the country.



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