The Skillset for Open Data

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    Open Data 101

The Skillset for Open Data

These are the basic skills you'll need to get started as a publisher of open data. This course is designed to introduce you to each of these skills and demonstrate how they work in practice.

· How to know open data when you see it on your agency shared drive
· How to know private data when you see it (e.g. SSN)
· How to prep an excel file for upload to socrata (limit headers, no ornamental columns, one worksheet per file, no totals row, etc.)
· How to understand user roles in Socrata (None, Editor, Designer, Publisher, Adminstrator)
· How to do a visualization or three (Column charts, Maps, Pie Charts)
· What to put in the metadata
· How to share and review a private dataset
· How to use oData to connect a dataset to Excel or Tableau
· How to read and understand the analytics for your new dataset
· How your data appears on, ODN, Google
· What is data stewardship


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