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Sleep and overall health

According to lecture, one of the main concepts of health and wellness is physiological health. Part of physiological health is sleeping and the effects it can have on the human body. Obviously, any deprivation is this area can affect us significantly and can make us groggy and affect our moods and behavior. But what can you gain from enough sleep?
According to Harvard Health, "Studies report that REM sleep enhances learning and memory, and contributes to emotional health — in complex ways."
This is important because those who are in college and especially in their young years when learning and memory is crucially essential. Getting enough sleep around this age can have numerous positive outcomes in the future.


I used this too. It is a good article showing why it is important to get the recommended hours of sleep and how the lack of sleep relates to mental disorders. 05-05-2016 6:18pm

Comment by Zach Traufler

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