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The Adverse Childhood Experience Study

Last week and this week in class we focuses on the Adverse Childhood Experience Study which is one of the largest investiagtions that has ever been conducted to uncover associations between childhood mistreatment and health and well-being in their later stages of life. Although not commonly known, the ACES study has released that almost 2/3 of their studies participants tested positive to at least one ACE, as well as more than 1/5 tested into 3 or more ACE such as abuse or neglect. This article that I found in the Huffington Post was extremely interesting, talking about Dr. Vincent Felitti and his weight loss clinic, more than half of his participants dropped out. After conduction years of research, he figured out that these participants didn't gain weight slowly after years, it was from the abuse they had suffered during childhood as a coping mechanism for being sexually abused as a child. This totally surprised me due to this being such a vast amount of people in one area that the ACES rang true for. This article was definitely beneficial in my learning about the ACES program and its effects overall and in a long-term aspect.


I thought this article relates to what we went over in class this week because it discusses the ACES study in more depth. It showed almost exactly the same data as the ACES article we used for our assignment this week. 04-03-2016 3:15pm

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